Smart Games Shooting Stars

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Now you see me, now you don’t! The SmartGames Shooting Stars puzzle game is full of magic! Can you stack the blocks to recreate the image shown in the challenged But watch out for shooting stars! The colour of the stars changes when you turn the blocks. Shooting stars is unique magical puzzle game, with 80 challenges from easy to expert. Suitable for ages 6 years old and above. What’s in the Box:4 double-sided blocks with coloured stars, booklet with 80 challenges and solutions Stimulates these cognitive skills: Spatial insight Problem solving Logic Planning Flexible thinking How to Play: Select a challenge Stack the blocks on top of each other to make a construction that matches the challenge. The positive and colours of the stars on the front sides should be identified to challenge (junior level) There is only 1 solution which can be found at the end of the booklet


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