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SmartGames Walk the Dog: Who let the dogs out? Can you keep your pets on a short leash and steer clear of trouble with other dogs and cats in the 80 included challenges? Try not to get tangled up, this fun game might not be a walk in the park. Logic and deduction skills are needed to solve the 80 challenges, from easy to expert. Contents include: Game board, Three Dog Walkers, Four Dogs, Cat, Tree, Challenge Booklet with 80 challenges and solutions.


The object of Walk the Dog is to place all 4 dogs in the park with enough space between them to avoid animal fights!

1. Select a challenge. Place the Cat(s) and tree on the game board, if needed. These pieces must remain in place on the board. If a Cat or tree is not shown in the challenge, you don’t need it in the solution.

2. Place all 4 dogs on the game board so that the solution follows the rules given in the challenge:

• A white Walker icon in the challenge indicates that a Walker must be placed on that spot on the gameboard. It can be any of the 3 Walkers.

• A Dog icon indicates that a dog must be placed on that spot. It can be any of the 4 Dogs.

• The orientation of the dogs and Walkers shown in the challenge is not relevant, only their position matters. Dogs and Walkers can have a different orientation in the solution than the one shown in the challenge.

• Earlier challenges sometimes give additional hints, such as the specific color of a Walker. More difficult challenges offer fewer hints about the position of the dogs and Walkers.

All Dogs must be placed on the game board, even when a challenge shows fewer than 4 Dogs! The remaining Dogs and Walkers can be placed anywhere on the board, following these rules:

A) Dogs can never be placed directly adjacent to other Dogs or Cats. This is how we avoid fights!

B) Three of the Dogs are always connected to a Walker by a leash. Leashes must form horizontal or vertical lines on the gameboard (diagonal lines are not allowed).

C) Leashes must always be straight and tense (the Dog is pulling hard, after all). The length of the connection is different for each Walker.

D) The leashes of the yellow and red Walkers can pass straight by or bend around the tree at a 90-degree angle.

E) Leashes can never cross each other or pass over Walkers, Dogs or Cats!

3. You have solved the challenge when all 4 Dogs are placed on the board according to these rules! There is only one solution, which can be found at the back of the booklet.


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