Smart Games Jack and The Beanstalk

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One piece (the straight one) can’t be placed wrong,  it does not matter how you put it on top of the ladder. The result will always be the same. But other puzzle pieces have two (left/right or front/back) or four possible orientations.  When you try to solve a challenge you have to count how many steps a puzzle piece will fall. If the number of steps is even, you can place your puzzle piece in the same orientation as the final one you need. But if the number of steps is uneven, you need to place the puzzle piece upside-down, with the right artwork on the opposite side. This sounds harder than it is, but don’t forget this game is for young children of age 4 and up. For easy challenge you only need a few puzzle pieces. For hard  challenges, you need them all.


Before you start: Remove the castle and cloud from the beanstalk. Remove all playing pieces from the beanstalk by pushing them out one by one at the bottom (indicated by a triangle on the base).

1) Select a challenge.

2) Place the puzzle pieces in the grid of the beanstalk by inserting them on the topside and letting them drop down one-by-one. More difficult challenges require more puzzle pieces. The result must match the image shown in the challenge:

• Pay attention to the initial orientation of each puzzle piece. When a piece drops down it will tilt a number of times. You need to plan the orientation on the topside to make sure it shows the correct artwork when it lands in place.

• Only the frontside (the side facing you) is important for the solution.

• In case you make a mistake, just push out all pieces in that column, one by one at the bottom and start over.

• NEVER try to remove a piece halfway the structure of the beanstalk, because you might risk to damage the ladders or puzzle pieces!

3) You have found the solution when the combined image on the puzzle pieces on the frontside matches the image of the challenge!


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