Elmers Gue 236ml Unicorn Butter Mixin Gue

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Elmer’s® Gue Mermaid’s Gem Slime

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Fly into fun with the Elmer’s Gue Unicorn Butter Slime! It’s a trip to a land full of wonder with this premade slime inspired by magical unicorns. The jar of slime comes with its own set of unique mix-ins that transform the slime texture and add fun effects. Unicorn Butter Gue includes pink clay that transforms Gue to smooth butter slime. – Premade slime with unique set of mix-ins that add fun effects and texture – Inspired by magical unicorns –
Premade slime comes ready to play out of the jar; just add the mix-ins – Safe, nontoxic.
Size: 8oz (237ml)

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