Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun

SKU: LER5060



This mouthwatering game captures children’s attention and helps them visually understand fraction concepts and skills using one of their favorite foods! Kids can play seven different games to practice identifying fractions, matching fraction equivalents, and performing fraction addition and subtraction by building pizzas. Segmented pizzas provide a multisensory way to introduce and explore fractions. The pizza slices are tantalizingly detailed, while the flipside has the written fraction form to make an easy transition from a manipulative and pictorial version of fractions to the abstract written symbols. Game includes 13 double-sided pizzas (one side labeled with fractions) and three double-sided spinners providing different levels of learning.

For 2–6 players. Whole pizzas measure 10 ¾ inch diameter. Pizzas store nicely in the box for the next time you want ‘take out’!


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