4M Kidzlabs Giant Visible Padlock

SKU: 4893156034458



Do you want to learn how locks work? Children can see inside a padlock with the 4M KidzLabs Giant Visible Padlock as they try out different keys.
The visible pin tumbler shows how a key opens up the lock!
This kit comes with more than enough materials for making at least two giant padlocks–one for them and one for their friend! Kids can create their own key by changing around the teeth on it so it matches those on each side of the lock body.
It is perfect for children who want to learn how locks work without any risk of breaking anything.
It’s large enough that they can see every aspect of it and get their hands on all the parts too!
They’ll be able to take apart and put together keys just like a professional locksmith would do!
Suitable from 5 Years +


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