What are the most famous dolls in Singapore?

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Most little girls, while growing up, love to play with dolls, especially fashion dolls. They create an imaginary world and enjoy the accessories and clothes, and their intriguing colors and designs.

It is just like creating a new world – something absolutely different. A fascinating place for one to escape and live their dreams. Dolls in Singapore are as common as they are in any other part of the world. 

Yes, like all other children, children in Singapore also want dolls, and the purpose is the same, they also want accessories to stimulate their imagination. They want to act according to their own ideas and be creative. Actually, when the fashion dolls were created, the main idea behind them was to give children the liberty to think beyond their imagination. 

Why Fashion Dolls Were Made

Many people don’t know that fashion dolls were manufactured for a particular reason. Originally these dolls were made for much older children. Fashion dolls were purposely meant to look like adults, their bodies were shaped like adults so that the children would understand how these adults are supposed to dress up, do their hair and use specific accessories.  

Society has evolved – so has the toy industry, and changes have come along in the making of dolls, and the minds of their creator.

Get toys that encourage active play 

There is nothing wrong if your child plays the parent of his/her doll. Some parents buy those baby dolls for their children to let them enjoy being adults and learning to be responsible as well. Those dolls are flexible, their arms and legs can be bent, and some make a sound of a baby’s chuckle and cry as well. The bendable joints make it easier for the children to change the clothes of their baby doll. A few such dolls have accessories like a feeder, weaning bowl and spoon, a small pillow and even a baby cot and stroller. With all these things the child feels involved and responsible for handling a baby, just like an adult does. 

Dolls with Fun Activities

When you buy a doll for your child, choose a place where you can find the best dolls in Singapore , also where you can get a variety to choose from, like My Toy Shop. Firstly, make sure the doll and its accessories are age-appropriate and would enable the child to enjoy. For example, if your child is a sports lover, get him an astronaut doll with its costume – your child will thoroughly enjoy dressing the doll up. Then there are dolls which are their favorite cartoon characters, children simply love to play with those dolls. It is almost like their favorite character comes to life. 

Marvels and superheroes are also the most sought-after dolls for boys. With those figures, you have no idea how you can stir their imagination. Kids create their own world with those characters in them. They feel as if that little figure is a shadow of their own being. 

The Admirable Barbie Dolls

It had been many decades since Barbie dolls were launched. My Toy Shop has an unbelievable variety of Barbie dolls. These dolls are the epitome of beauty and grace. They have been designed quite aesthetically, from their hair to their face, from the clothing to their shoes, everything expresses beauty. Barbie dolls are most famous among the other dolls in Singapore. With time and innovation, these dolls have different features and skin colors. Ken is the male Barbie doll. The little dollhouse and accessories that come with this doll are as special and unique as the doll itself. It teaches children a lot of things which the parents can’t demonstrate on an everyday basis. The other important thing is that children feel attached to these dolls more than any living person. 

Visit My Toy Shop and buy the most extraordinary dolls for your children. Science has proven that there is a positive impact of doll play on children, especially the diverse range of Barbie dolls. 

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