Blue Orange 491Trigger

Liven up the mood with Trigger, an uproarious party game from Blue Orange. Players have to listen close to tricky statements and quickly answer true or false by slapping the target with the appropriate hand. It’s not as easy as it sounds! Quick, try these: 1. Groundhogs have teeth. 2. Cows drink milk 3. There are 6 Olympic rings. This travel-size game packs a ton of head scratchers and even more laughs! Includes 60 cards with 120 statements & 1 foam target in a tin canister.

  •     Players respond to deceptively simple and funny statements by slapping the target with their right hand for
  •     True and left for False.
  •     The first player to answer correctly wins the card; collect 10 to win!

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Blue Orange 491Trigger

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