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ION Thinking Putty | Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

This Thinking Putty has amazing glow-in-the-dark properties! Hold the white-colored putty up to the light, then take it into a dark room and watch it cast a soft turquoise glow that can last for hours. (The brighter the light you charge it with, the longer it glows!) You can also use a blacklight to make cool patterns on it or tear the putty to create triboluminescent sparks of light. Even in the day, this putty is lots of fun, and provides great stress relief. It's firmer than the other kinds of Thinking Putty, but can still be stretched and molded like taffy. You'll get 1/5 lb (3.2 oz) of putty in a metal tin.

This product is non-toxic and is safe for those with latex allergies. Made in the USA.

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Ion Thinking Putty

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