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The game you won't want to end. Do you have what it takes to create order out of chaos? Great, that's one way to play this game. but maybe you like a little disorder? That can work too. It's a word game that takes wits strategy and a bit of bluffing. Each round players must add one card to the board. they can choose it to be a specific letter, or they can opt to make it wild. Either way they have to make sure it fits, because sooner or later, somebody is going to have to face the music.do they add another letter and risk it all? Or is it time to throw down the guantlet and challenge? These letters can form lots of different words. or can they? Is it really a word or are people bluffing? Anything can be made out of disorder, but if it happens on your turn. you better be able to spit out the right word. Ages 10 and up, 2 or more players. Party game. For 2 or more players. Contents 120 disorder cards, 60 scoring chips, game board.

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R & R Games Disorder

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