Vtech Sort and Learn Car

SKU: 80-070103



Shapes pushed through the windows introduce shapes and tunes! Piano keys introduce colours, musical notes and changes the music tempo!

Rock with Puppy! Push the shape sorter pieces through the windows to hear cheerful tunes, fun sound effects and learn shape names! Press the piano keys to learn colours, musical notes or change the tempo of the music. When a melody plays insert shapes to hear fun sound effects played over it! Pull along to hear fun phrases and a sing-along song and puppy will sing you a song! Headlights flash to the music!


  • 2 fun modes of play; music and letters!
  • Sort the shapes to activate fun facts and phrases and sung songs
  • Pull the car along with the string to activate fun learning song!
  • 5 shape sorters with numbers and pictures,
  • 3 colorful buttons teach stop, slow down and go,
  • Headlights light up!
  • Puppy driver encourages play, Sort the shapes to activate fun phrases, shapes and songs.
  • Developmental Benefits
  • Discovery Exploration
  • Language Development
  • Motor Skills
  • Sensory Development


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