Ultimo 2 Player Fast Strategy Game For All Ages ( Color Varies )

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HOW TO PLAY: There are 15 dice. One is gold. The object of the game is to get the gold die. Take 1, 2 or 3 dice each play. The catch? You can’t take the gold die until the last play. Sure, there are more rules, but you get the idea! Park luck, part brains, all fun!
CONCEPT: A quick, thought-provoking logic game for 2 players. Ages 8+. Ultimö is the world’s fastest strategy game!
THE COMPANY: Möbi Games Inc. creates fast, fun, brain games! Ultimö is no exception. If you like Ultimö, be sure to check out Möbi and Bllöx!
WHAT’S INCLUDED: You will receive 1 Ultimö fun tube: either blue, green or purple. Each tube contains 15 dice, 14 of one color and 1 gold. Instructions are also included. Have fun!
INTENDED USE: Ultimö is recommended for ages 8-108 and is designed for 2 players. It will provide fun for the whole family!#2players #strategy #familygame


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