Top Trumps Top 30 Scientists

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Behind every great leap in science, healthcare and technology, you will find a brilliant mind who conceived a groundbreaking idea. We’ve taken 30 of the finest scientific minds in history and immortalized them forever in this inspiring pack of Top Trumps: Top 30 Scientists! Featuring well-known geniuses like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Ada Lovelace, plus a variety of brilliant figures you may not have heard of, like Chien-Shiung Wu, Vera Rubin and Archimedes, this pack will expand your mind to new ideas, teach you more about the different STEM fields (that’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics!) and give you plenty of stats for epic Top Trumps battles with your friends. Pick from categories including First Discovery, Year Born, Key Discoveries and Influence, and compete for the ultimate title of Top Trump by choosing your best stats from each card. Who knows – you might find yourself inspired to learn even more!


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