Snails Safe Nails Monde Bookstore Gift Set

SKU: G0622



Imagination is what drives children. Dragons and fairies and adventures are all a part of a childs life. Snails Monde is a new creative way for your child to build a whole new world of their own. Each box represents a different unique Snails store and the little prince frog, Miss Rose or even Miss Raspberry pie can be the heros to their story.
You can find in the Bookstore :
1 Silver Art Pen
1 Toe Separator
1 Nail Sticker “Story Telling”
7ml Lilly with bow
7ml Rose with bow
7ml Loving with bow
Children love to collect things so we thought of these collectable gift boxes. If you want to make your little girls smile then Snails Monde is the gift box you need. They come with Snails nails stickers, Snails nail art pens and Snails toe separators for a perfect gift.All products are:
Water based
Parabens free
Recyclable bottles
Eco-friendly and not tested on animals
Easy to remove with just water and soap
In accordance with European cosmetic laws


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