Smart Games – Flippin’ Dolphins

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Dive deep with dolphins with The SmartGames Flippin’ Dolphins Puzzle Game! With 48 challenges and solutions, ranging from easy to expert. This set includes a compact game board, 7 magnetic puzzle pieces with dolphins and 48 challenges and solutions. A great game to take whilst travelling, good for car rides and other long journeys, children will have everything they need to have an endless amount of fun! Contents: compact game board, 7 magnetic puzzle pieces with dolphins, 48 challenges and solutions. Stimulates the following cognitive skills: Spatial insight Planning Problem solving Improved memory Logic Concentration How to Play: Select a challenge to play Place all the puzzle pieces with dolphins on the game board. The position of the dolphins that are visible in the challenge must match with the position of the dolphins on the game board Complete the challenge and check the desired outcome at the back of the booklet.Find out what happens under the water! Dolphins like playing, jumping and flipping. But you only see these intelligent animals when they leap out of the water. Can you also figure out what they are doing below the surface? Dive in and discover a travel puzzle game with 7 magnetic pieces and 48 multi-level challenges, from easy to expert! This game helps stimulate the following cognitive skills:- problem solving, concentration, and logicPuzzle game for one playerPlaying Flippin’ Dolphins stimulates the following cognitive skills: concentration, logic, planning, problem solving, visual perceptionMagnetic travel book game48 challenges to complete


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