Smart Games Cube Duel Magnetic Puzzle Game

SKU: SGM 201



Race to win using your cognitive skills with The SmartGames Cube Duel 3D Magnetic Puzzle Game! Players must alternate balancing pieces on the cube game board and using strategy to switch between offensive and defensive moves. This set comes with magnetic pieces covered in plastic, making it easy to connect the pieces together. The aim of the game is to have your colour in more exposed positions when the game ends. Play this game with an opponent or train your 3D building skills with the 80 challenges included in single-player mode! A great way to build your cognitive thinking/understanding skills as well as motor skills, hand-eye coordination and creativity. Features and Benefits: Build your skills and challenge yourself! Comes with 2 different coloured plastic cube pieces (Red and Yellow) Pieces are different shapes (Tetris-like shapes) Cube pieces are magnetic and can easily attach 80 different challenges Helps to build cognitive thinking/understanding Builds motor skills, hand-eye coordination and creativity Includes single player and 2 player mode Easy to store away Suitable for ages 10 and above How to Play: Select coloured block and a challenge Take turns strategically placing the blocks on the gameboard Aim to have your colour be the most exposed by the end of the game! Play with the 80 different included challenges for more fun Product Safety: Choking hazard – small parts Not suitable for children under 10 years old To use with adult supervision


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