Play-Doh PlayDoh Kitchen Creations Grocery Goodies

SKU: E1936



Creativity in aisle 4, now aspiring chefs can stock up their Play-Doh kitchen with the most colourful pretend ingredients imaginable. Packed with creative fun, this supermarket set features over 20 pieces, 7 Play-Doh cans, and has everything that a chef could need for their next Play-Doh culinary masterpiece. Squeeze imaginary ingredients like make-believe milk or pretend pasta from the milk carton. The cereal box is a book-mould that shapes all kinds of silly cereal, or take a crack at shaping 4 imaginary eggs with the egg carton. Fill the berry basket with lots of pretend berries, and the stampers feature make-believe meats, silly veggies and fruits, and other fun Play-Doh foods. The 2 creation cards feature 4 step-by-step how-to for more fun things to make. With Play-Doh kitchen creations, the best ingredient of all is imagination.


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