Pets Alive Chripy Bird

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Pets Alive Chripy Bird

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Pets Alive Chripy Bird

CHIRPY BIRDS: All new cuddly and interactive pets to adopt and collect! There are 4 birds to collect!

ADOPT, CUDDLE & INTERACT: With the electronic interactive features, your child can experience the joy of a new pet – encouraging friendship, excitement, and the importance of celebrating others! With the speak and repeat function they can really bring their pet to life, and participate in adoption celebrations with their friends and siblings!

SURPRISE INSIDE: Hatch your egg to discover which soft & cuddly bird you have adopted! Which bird will be your new adopted bestie?!
SPEAK & REPEAT: With Speak & Repeat, bird sounds, these pets are the perfect new bestie to cuddle & interact with!

ZURU PETS ALIVE: Pets Alive is ZURU’s range of adorable interactive pets who bring fun and laughter to life! From Booty Shakin’ llamas & Pugs, to Flossing Sloths, Dancing Flamingos and Surprise pets to Adopt, Cuddle, Interact & Collect – Pets Alive brings joy to the whole family!


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