Mattel Games ONO 99 Card Game

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Mattel Games ONO 99

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In the easy-to-learn, fast-paced ONO 99 card game, 2 to 6 players try to avoid being the one to place the card on the discard stack that makes the running total go to 99 or over! Every card counts, and as each player puts a card on the discard pile, they call out the total. Don’t forget, the objective is to keep the total under 99! Watch out, because one of the cards is the ONO 99 card; if a player is dealt or draws an ONO 99 card, they must keep it and may not play it! The ONO 99 card game can be great practice for kids learning mathematical addition and subtraction Last player left wins. A great choice for game night, or to bring along when traveling. Colors and decorations may vary.