Loomey Time Watch – Black Bling

SKU: LT017



Loomey Time, Black Bling, Single Watch Kit is the latest innovation from Loomey Time’s Fashion Development Department. The perfect accessory for Rainbow Loom bracelets – this connects to all types of Rainbow Loom patterns. Includes one latex-free, flexible watch holder, and a removable, analog time piece with a black face and sparkling jewels surrounding the face. Turn your Rainbow Loom bracelet into a cool, fashionable and functional watch.

Loomey Time is water-resistant, but please don’t bring it along for a swim :)

IMPORTANT TIP: Be careful not to use too much force and stretch the silicone too far. This can cause a tear in the silicone holder. A good technique is to pull the rubber bands through the holes first, before attaching them to the posts of your loom.

Instructions & Videos can be found here: http://www.loomeytime.com/instructions—videos.html


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