Learning Resources Sight Words Game

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Build reading, spelling, and vocabulary skills with this fun, challenging game
Teaches the top 220 Dolch sight words
Set includes 110 double-sided sight word flies, 4 colorful swatters
Swatters measure 9”L each
Perfect for ages 5 and up
Encourage kids to discover the 220 most commonly used sight words with this fun and fast-paced game. Specially designed to teach the top dolch sight words, sight word swat challenges kids to see, swat, and learn! They’ll think they’re just playing, but parents and teachers will know they’re actually learning. Set features various game instructions for 1-4 players. Includes 110 double-sided Sight-Word flies and 4 colorful swatters measuring 9”L each.
See It, Say It, Swat It!
Build reading, spelling and vocabulary skills through playful competition with up to 4 players. The element of speed promotes confidence and fluency in reading.A Swarm of Sight Words
Set includes 110 double-sided flies printed with the top 220 Dolch sight words, which are a selection of words found most frequently in children’s books.Color Coded Flies
The sight-word flies are color-coded by level: Blue for Pre-Primer; Red for Primer; Green for First Grade; Orange for Second Grade; and Purple for Third Grade.Durable Swatters
Sturdy plastic play swatters come in 4 bright colors and measure a compact, kid-friendly 9” long each.


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