Elmers Lemon/Lime Freeze Slime DIY Kit (Limited)

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Elmer’s Lemon/Lime Freeze Slime DIY Kit

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Create, Build and Learn with Elmer’s On-the-Go!
Children can make custom slime and glue items conveniently with the Elmer’s Freezing Slime DIY collection. It is designed to give you a incredibly hand-on freezy experience with the summer fruits sprinkles included. This kit is perfect for gifting, crafting and group activities. Enjoy less mess and save time with the Elmer’s Lemon/Lime Freeze Popsicles Slime DIY Kit.

For limited period only.
Elmer’s Lemon/Lime Freese Slime DIY Kit includes:
– 1 round-top Popsicle Stick
– Glitter Glue Yellow or Green 6 oz
– Clear Glue 5oz
– Magical Liquid 8.75oz
– Free Summer Fruits Sprinkles
– Recipe behind box
* Make Slime ON-THE-GO! Use the packaging box as your SLIME mixing bowl!

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