Elmers Gue Fun Time Premade Slime Gift Pack

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Elmer’s Fun Time Gue | 5 Jars Premade Slime

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With Elmer’s Fun Time Gift Pack. This 5 bottles of premade slime are directly playable. Spread the fun and get creative with the clay, bingsu beads, foam beads, slime stickers and straws provided in the pack.
Component includes:
Gue Magic Slime *SCENTED* 5pcs 4oz/113g (Banana Super Glossy, Blueberrry Splash, Grape Splash, Bubblegum Splash, Glassy Clear) | Straws 3pcs (random colour) | Foam Beads 1 pack (random colour) | Bingsu Beads 1 pack (random colour)| Clay 1 pack (random colour)| Magic Sticker 3pcs

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