Barbie Glam Convertible

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  • Step into Barbie’s convertible and put your nose to the wind!
  • The two-seater is a radiant pink with the silhouette of Barbie adorning the folding roof.
  • The wheels look real and can turn.
  • Labels on the upholstery and seat belts in the interior make everything even more real.
  • Put the convertible in first gear and go where the wind takes you, because with Barbie anything is possible!

Driving has never been so glam! Barbie can hit the highway with her cup of coffee in this bright pink convertible designed especially for her. The wheels and grille have refined details and the paint sparkles at you! And thanks to the personal license plate, there are never any misunderstandings about who the owner of this car is.

Barbie (sold separately) can bring a friend as there is room for two. But they both have to put on the supplied seat belt because safety comes first! Includes convertible and coffee cup. Dolls not included.


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