7 Wonders Agora Expansion

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7 Wonders Duel Agora Board Game EXPANSION | Board Game for 2 Players | Strategy Board Game | Civilization Board Game | Board Game for Couples | Ages 10 and up | Made by Repos Production

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Product details

Brand Repos Production
Genre Strategy
Number of players 2
Minimum age recommendation 120
Item dimensions LxWxH 20.5 x 10.2 x 5.3 centimetres
Batteries required? No
  • THIS IS A 7 WONDERS DUEL BOARD GAME EXPANSION: You will need “7 Wonders Duel” Base Game in order to play with this expansion. Note that this expansion is also compatible with “7 Wonders Duel Pantheon Expansion”.
  • STRATEGY GAME: Experience an intense two-player struggle for supremacy in the ancient world! Challenge your opponent and bring your civilization to victory with Prestigious Buildings, Military Supremacy, Scientific Supremacy or the new Political Supremacy.
  • NEW COMPONENTS: This expansion for 7 Wonders Duel adds the new Senate Board, two new Wonders, two new Progress Tokens, and a new type of instant victory condition: Control of the Senate.
  • VICTORY CAN BE ACHIEVE IN FOUR WAYS: By invading your opponent’s capital, by achieving a monopoly on scientific advancement, by achieving political supremacy or by simply crafting the city that will earn the most victory points in the end. But be warned: only seven of the eight Wonders in play can be built.
  • INCREASED REPLAYABILITY: The new Senator and Plot cards multiplies players’ strategic options and allows additional play opportunities. Average Playtime: 30 minutes. LOOKING FOR NEW ADVENTURES? Try our 7 Wonders Duel Pantheon Expansion (Note: Expansions require 7 Wonders Duel Base Game to play).