Can you help your Miner find the gold? SmartGames GoldMine is a new travel game where your brain can strike it rich! Play GoldMine by figuring out where to place the three ladder pieces on the board so that a direct path is created for the Miner to reach all of the gold pots. A great travel game with a snap-shut board and magnetic pieces, GoldMine draws from planning and logic skills in solving its 48 challenges.

TRAVEL-FRIENDLY EDUCATIONAL TOYS: GoldMine features 48 challenges where players place the ladders on the board to create a path for the miner to reach all the gold. Its unique game board snaps shut - making it great for travel.

BRAIN GAMES BUILD SKILLS: Build concentration skills, problem-solving abilities, spatial insight, logic, and planning while playing with SmartGames’ magnetic travel games for kids and adults. So fun to play you’ll forget the learning part!

AGES 7 & UP: This puzzle is a little more challenging, perfect for older kids and adults alike. With 48 challenges, you’re sure to find a puzzle that tests you and pushes you to think outside the box. While it’s a single-player game, it’s exciting to solve challenges with others.

SET INCLUDES: 1 snap-shut magnetic game board with 48 challanges and solutions attached, 1 miner, 3 gold pieces, 3 ladder pieces. Don’t forget to download our free app with features that enhance the experience of physical SmartGames.

AWARD-WINNING: SmartGames is the worldwide leader in multi-level logic family games. Our award-winning games offer levels of play from easy to challenging, and we pride ourselves in making family board games that are perfect for players of all ages.

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Smart Games Goldmine Magnetic Puzzle Game

  • Brand: Smart Games
  • Product Code: SGT280
  • Availability: Available
  • $19.90

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