Please take note that customers who choose the option of pick up in jelita have to wait for an email confirmation that their items are ready for collection.

We will not be held accountable/responsible if customers come without an email acknowledgement and items happened not to be ready.

What are your delivery charges?

We charge a flat rate of $4 for shipping.

Why do some of the sets cost more than their Recommended Retail Price(RRP)?

mytoyshop.com.sg receives its products from all over the world. Hence, shipping costs is a factor. Also, Mytoyshop.com.sg constantly sources for sets that have been discontinued and are not available in the local market anymore. Thus, it is the pricing of these sets that are a little higher than the RRP.

Is shopping on mytoyshop.com.sg safe?

Yes it is. We take precautions to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and offline.

Why has my order been cancelled by the Management?

mytoyshop.com.sg has the right to cancel any orders. Probable reasons could be due to unavailability of stocks or incorrect pricing of a particular product. Please contact us immediately if your order has been cancelled and we will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.

Does mytoyshop.com.sg allow reservations of sets?

mytoyshop.com.sg does not allow any reservation of sets. Customers can choose to ask instore to put a set on hold for maximum three days but they will have to pick the item directly from the store.

How long does delivery usually take?

Usually it takes 3-5 working days for items to be delivered. However, there are cases where certain products have to be specially ordered as we do not have stock of it. In that case, the delivery time would be longer upto 7-10 working days. Customers are notified so that they are informed of the delay.

Are products sold on mytoyshop.com.sg exchangeable/returnable?

Yes, local customers can exchange the items within five days provided the items are in excellent condition. Damaged or open boxes/items would not be entertained.