Classic Logo Sets

Classic Lego sets

Legos – one of the most dear and prized possession kids have at the time of growing. Every kid spends hours and hours of their leisure time playing with Legos and building various experimental shapes. In fact, even us, in our adulthood, pretty much get fascinated when we see a kid playing with Legos and instinctively start playing with them too. But have you ever realized the essence of Legos and what crucial part it executes in a child’s growth and development? Most probably not.

Just so that you are very-well aware that Legos not only cater to the child’s free time, but also helps in your child’s learning skills, we have shortlisted 10 of the most valuable and long-term abilities that Legos tend to bring in your young one. 


  • Teamwork And Social Skills

One of the prime aspects of our Legos is that it brings a sense of collaboration and collectivism while building up the blocks. If pre-primary schools incorporate Legos in their curriculum, and if each child is given a set role to accomplish, one they there will be engineers, architects, the next suppliers and many more amongst them. Children are specially taught to respect and listen to each other while building their part. This synergic attitude encourages joint focus, sharing, reinforces positive behavior and social approach. 


  • Communication and language skills

When school mates or siblings sit together to make a Lego design, children learn how and what to communicate with their fellow players, expressing their thoughts, wants and requirements. Through distinct roles to enact, children learn various languages by adding innovative ideas about negotiation and compromise. 

For children playing separately, they may create fake scenarios adding dialogues and characters which broadens the child’s mind and builds a foundation of language and skills. 


  • Problem solving, mathematical and spatial awareness

Understanding the orders, quantity, symmetry, patterns, location of bricks and color coordination, helps young ones to develop their mathematical, spatial and artistic abilities. This eventually proves to be a great initiative for the child’s upbringing as it helps children to calculate how to solve a problem and come up with new ingenious ideas.


  • Creativity and expansion

As it is said, Legos is a form of art. Therefore, by playing with them, children can become creators and exceptional story makers. Children should be given tasks such as, free will to create whatever they want and then make a story based on that model so that their creativity is outshined. 


  • Perseverance and frustration management

Playing with Legos can sometimes be too frustrating and irritating – a minor wrong move can cause the model to tumble down. But what you may not realize is that it ingrain perseverance and patience in the child. Also the urge of doing better than before is instilled. Playing with Legos allows the kid to experiment new ideas without the fear of failure, because the child knows that these errors are fixable. 


  • Self confidence

After accomplishing the goal – whether instructed by some or built it individually – it fills the young one full of pride and allows them to have a sense of great performer. As kids, these are a few little things that matter to them and elevate their morale. 


  • Lowes anxiety and stress.

Legos aiding in reducing anxiety and stress might sound really bizarre and unfamiliar to you. But playing with Legos can have a very calming and mind-refreshing effect on your mind. Your mind gets so engaged in building the bricks that for sometime it totally forgets about all the worries and hassle. 


  • Patience 

As Lego building requires enough time, and as the child gets used to time consuming artwork, Legos can be an excellent source of acquiring patience and poise. It makes the child believe that in order to get good things done, you need to work extra hard to achieve that goal.


  • Focus and concentration

Concentrating on the instructions and planning which piece comes next, thoroughly helps with concentration. 


  • Physical development

It is an underrated fact that playing with Legos does wonders to your body, and not just your body but the kid’s body as well who brings the whole house on his/her shoulder if he/she is not able to find just one piece. It is also a great exercise for fingers, especially useful for those young ones who don’t even know how to hold a pencil yet. 


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