Classic Logo Sets

Legos – one of the most dear and prized possession kids have at the time of growing. Every kid spends hours and hours of their leisure time playing with Legos and building various experimental shapes. In fact, even us, in our adulthood, pretty much get fascinated when we see a kid playing with Legos and… Continue reading Classic Logo Sets

What are the most famous dolls in Singapore?

Most little girls, while growing up, love to play with dolls, especially fashion dolls. They create an imaginary world and enjoy the accessories and clothes, and their intriguing colors and designs. It is just like creating a new world – something absolutely different. A fascinating place for one to escape and live their dreams. Dolls… Continue reading What are the most famous dolls in Singapore?

Fish For Fun With Fisher Price Toys At My Toy Shop

Childhood is the most joyous time of one’s life; no worries, no responsibilities and you can be goofy without being judged. I mean what could be better than having humans adore you for no reason and all the reasons, take care of you all the time, let you sleep whenever you want, let your blunders… Continue reading Fish For Fun With Fisher Price Toys At My Toy Shop

How To Buy Toys For Kids

Every child gets a toy that its parent wished to have in their childhood. I read this heart-touching line somewhere and couldn’t negate the truth behind it. As children, most of us wished for our rooms to be full of toys; and as parents, we wish the same for our kids. We all would agree… Continue reading How To Buy Toys For Kids

Tips for Buying Toys

Tips for Buying Toys for Children In Singapore Playing allows your kid to grow and practice new abilities at her own speed while following her individual interests. The toys and playthings that your kid has access to can have a significant impact on her development. Toys may be dangerous, with hundreds of thousands of injuries… Continue reading Tips for Buying Toys

Why Educational Toys  Are Important

Why Educational Toys  Are Important When we hear the word ‘toys’ we think about toys like a dollhouse or a toy truck and other similar toys our child could play with. Toys are necessary and some people fail to realize the importance of the right toys in children’s lives. Toys are children’s whole world and to… Continue reading Why Educational Toys  Are Important

Importance of Toys in Child Development

Learning through play is a vital aspect of a child’s growth, according to research.