Best Educational Toys for Preschoolers

Buy educational toys in Singapore

Kids and play are associated just the way water to fish. Every child should get enough playtime and the best way to make them learn is during play. Naturally, kids are curious and want to explore new things right after they can hold things, that is the early stage of their lives. All parents provide their children with a variety of toys – be it to keep them occupied or make their dear ones have fun. But have you ever realized that if your child plays with educational toys how beneficial it can be for them for their intellectual and motor development?

You will pat yourself on the back when you will see your child’s senses and social skills enhanced – their imagination activated because you had introduced your child to educational activity toys at an early stage of his development years. If you really want to invest in your kid’s learning and wanna buy educational toys in Singapore, you must visit My Toy Shop. You will come across great educational toys on their website.
Buy Educational Toys in Singapore

However, for preschoolers, many parents think that their child is too small for such toys, others may think that shortly the child will be going to school and he is supposed to learn all these things at school. But a child needs all these toys to satiate his curiosity and for better development of thinking, motor and intellectual skills. This is not something coming from a layman’s mouth but all these are research-based proven facts. Besides the above-mentioned skills, a child also develops, educational toys help the child in the following too:

  • They nurture a child’s imagination and creativity
  • A child will learn to compromise during playing in a group
  • He will learn sharing and conflict resolution
  • Mainly, they will be able to discover their individuality and positive self-worth

Benefits Of Educational Activity Toys

Let’s read about those particular areas in which educational toys will help your child benefit from using them.

Boost Motor Development

Developing sensory-motor skills is essential in children at the right age. Lively toys with vibrant lights and sound enhance the sense of sight of small children, like cars and wagons with sirens and lights that flicker .Activities with craft work improve the fine motor skills of the child. This will further help them better communication skills.

Enhance IQ And Promote Problem-Solving Skills

Education toys boost your child’s IQ level to a great extent, improve retention power, and organization and enhance literacy. My Toy Shop has learning toys and games that help in challenging the curious minds of children. For example, when a child during his play with blocks misses to balance them while stacking, he finds it a big challenge the next time he stacks them because he has them all tumbling down.

Puzzle games play a similar role – the child has to join one broken part to its counterpart. This requires focus, and the child with all his energy and attention fixes the puzzles. This challenge develops better problem-solving skills.


Develop Social and Emotional Intelligence

Home is the place for a child where he learns most of the social skills, even before he is ready for the outside world. With some educational toys, a child can take on role-play, develop empathy and, experience and understand emotions. Through these toys, your child can go experience several social situations through which he can learn to wait, care, share, lead, and so on. It will also develop their emotional intelligence because during role-play they respond to emotions such as sadness, anger, happiness, laughter, etc. If you have ever noticed how children play with dolls, they talk to them, pacify them as if their doll is crying, and get mad at them in their make-believe play, when their doll is not ready to eat what they are being fed.

Enhanced And Better Concentration

In various games, you assist your child focus on a task for a longer period. Familiarizing with educational toys will help your child improve his concentration. This tactic will develop an incredible span of attention which will be fruitful during the child’s academic years.

Hence, when you intend to buy educational toys in Singapore buy toys from a place that has a variety to cater to the needs of your child and his developmental requirements. My Toy Shop is that online shop which has a large collection of toys for you to choose for your growing child – from building blocks to dolls, counting toys to alphabets and phonics, from color counters to marvel super heroes, you will be lost what to buy and what not to buy for your beloved child.



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