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    Please wait for an email notifying that your items are ready for collection before coming down to the store.
  • LEGO Mini Build Pirate

    Download The LEGO Mini Build Pirate For The Month Of September.
  • LEGO Minecraft

    More Minecraft Lego Sets ?
  • New smarter, stronger LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3

    Lego's 3rd generation Mindstorms EV3 is coming out soon it has been redesigned to attract both kids desperate to build and modify looking for even more customizability. With assembly instructions now provided by a 3D animated diagram on an iPad app, this isn't the Lego you'll have remembered from childhood.
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All prices are in Singapore Dollars currency ($SGD). You will see the prices of the various products after the respective discounts. For current LEGO products, customers will enjoy 10% off the Recommended Retail Price. Customers will enjoy 5% to 15% off the Recommended Retail Price for other products from Hasbro, Mattel, Swimways etc.


Mytoyshop.com.sg accepts the following:

-Cash, NETS or VISA/MASTER (Self- Pickup in Store)

-PayPal (Local and International Orders)


We deliver via local courier to Singapore addresses.
The delivery address will automatically default to the billing address associated with your payment option, which is usually your home address.
Should you wish to send to an alternative address, you can specify this under the remarks as you proceed through the checkout. You can set up an account to make further purchases easier with your stored shipping address(es). This will save you time and avoid the hassle of filling out forms when you purchase online from us again. 


Mytoyshop.com.sg ships to Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines addresses. As always, please contact us if you have any enquiries about shipping to other countries.