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  • LEGO Mini Build Pirate

    Download The LEGO Mini Build Pirate For The Month Of September.
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    More Minecraft Lego Sets ?
  • New smarter, stronger LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3

    Lego's 3rd generation Mindstorms EV3 is coming out soon it has been redesigned to attract both kids desperate to build and modify looking for even more customizability. With assembly instructions now provided by a 3D animated diagram on an iPad app, this isn't the Lego you'll have remembered from childhood.
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Hello Mytoyshop Customers!

We carry more than 90 % of the LEGO merchandise available in Singapore and thus are able to provide superior service and support for our customers.

Also available are the Lego Exclusives and Lego Hard To Find Items which are not readily available locally.

At the moment, our delivery services are local. However, we plan to provide shipping options to our immediate neighboring countries such as Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia in the near future.

For overseas buyers, please kindly email us at mytoyshop52@gmail.com for shipping quotes on your items.

MyToyShop website is managed by a couple who are LEGO fanatics.. We obtain our merchandise through the local distributor or directly from 3rd party sources and ship them straight to our logistic spaces within the shortest time frame possible. Hence customers like yourself will realize the amazing speed and unbeatable pricing we offer to YOU! So come on down now or purchase through our website! We guarantee you that you will not be disappointed!

We also carry 4M , Alex Educational Toys, Art and Crafts Kits for girls and boys, as well as Science Experiments. We also carry all the major Board Games Brands like Gamewright. Mayfair Games.  Hasbro Games Risk Cluedo Boggle Guesstures Monopoly Twister Cranium Game Of Life.